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In my dream I was in a rather big house and I saw some wild angry dogs outside. I rushed to the door trying to keep it shut so that the dogs would not get in. I do not remember the house except it was a big house and a couple of my good friends were staying in this house. But none of them were aware of these angry dogs. Standing at the door I tried really hard to lash the door to keep them out. But as hard as I tried, I did not succeed. The dogs pushed their ways into the house bypassing me. I screamed at the top of my voice trying to warn my friends that danger was coming.  I woke up.

Interpretation: the dogs represent the primal instinct in my life that I try to shut out for fear that it may ruin my life or important relationships in my life. I see the house as my very own soul.  I like to think that it is not possible to shut off the basic primal from life. It will find the way in. The question is, how to deal with it appropriately?

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Last Saturday (April 12), a number of Loma Linda University students (Christine, Kathy, Andrea, and Mat from the school of medicine) and I went to Central City Church in downtown Los Angeles and attended prayer meeting there.  We were warmly welcomed by the church members and Rev. Thomas who took us around the church and walked us through the community explaining issues that are important for our consideration.  There were many things that touched us, the level of spirituality among the attendance and the desire to make this a better community for the homeless people.  We also met Pastor Bowen who helps run a Korean church in skid row.  It becomes even more important to me, during this visit, to really take the time to understand and listen before starting any bright idea to help the homeless.  There is so much potential there and we need to take the time to learn from them how we can be of help and most of all what is it that we can learn from them.  Rev. Thomas made one very important statement, “I want to be able to give as much as I’ve received from these homeless people.”

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