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What have I learned from growing old?  I do hope with all my heart that I learn some important lessons about life.  Well what have I learned when my body is not the body of a 22 and my brain does not remember things as I used to, my waist line is expanding into infinity, my metabolism is going at a turtle speed, my mind is operating on a very slow wave, my opthamologist recommends three layer lens, my medicine cabinet is filling up pretty quickly, and you actually find comfort in the utilization of restrooms.  Well I learn that I know very little, that I have made many mistakes, that people do forgive, that life goes on even when I do not get it right, that most of my worries do not come to pass, that I am not any more special than most people, that I’m not in control of many things in life and how my future will unfold, that there are many good people around, that people do care, that goodness even in the midst of the cloudy days does exist, that even though the rain does come on a sunny day (like in CCR’s lyrics) it can be sunny (in my student’s words) even when it rains.  I’m beginning to see that shift from half-empty to half-full.  It still is half but it does matter which half we see.  So what am I going to do as the number of my years on this planet climbs rapidly toward the geriatric definition?  A wise person said to me, “Go and live.”  It is not as easy as it sounds.  But there really is not much option to life than to go and live and pray that God’s grace will abound.

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