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I had a strange dream a couple of days ago.  It is strange because I never had this kind of dream before.  Within the same night a similar pattern occur three times.  From an archetypal perspective, when the same theme repeats itself in the same night, there is certain a message that I should pay attention to.

So it started out with an acquaintance being chased by some bad guys.  Apparently for a good reason.  And finally when they caught up to him they cut off his foot. He was lying in pain and I frantically trying to call 911. I went through a small wooden door and there was blood splashed at the door.  But while there his wife came looking for him not knowing what was happening to him. I told her that he really need help and pointed her in the direction.  Then the second part of the dream was a dog with his front right foot being cut off.  I was there and saw when it happened.  But when I looked again there was the dog kind of smiling and in no pain. I look at his foot and he was standing there without his right front foot and he was alright. It did not quite bother him.  Then the third part of the dream, I was attending a workshop.  The leader of a workshop was a big man and there were people I knew at this workshop.  The man told a lady, metaphorically, to cut off her foot.  And she literally did.  I was shocked.  I thought this man must be so regretful for causing such a big loss. I asked whether he was regretful.  He seemed a little regretful and so he stood up and asked whether the girl was alright. And to my surprise, the girl who cut off her foot did not really mind at all.  She was alright with it.

When I woke up I knew that this dream was kind of unusual and wanted to find out. My sense with this dream has to do with mobility…when one feels stuck and unable to move forward in life.  Like a foot being cut off. My colleague told me too that foot represent being grounded and so being cut off could represent feeling ungrounded. The three representations are interesting to me.  I am guessing that the man represents the masculine approach to this immobility, the pain of feeling stuck. Using linear logic and conventional approach could possibly end up in perpetuating the pain itself.  The dog could represent the instinct.  That even under such overwhelming circumstances, if one were to trust one’s instinct, there is a possibility of moving forward with ease. This reminds me of a statement by Richard Bode in his book “First you have to row a little boat” where he invites us to steer away from conventional approaches and listen to the wind.  The third scene represents the feminine to me. the willingness to go through certain necessary pain in one’s life and yet at the very same time having the wisdom to move forward even in the midst of great loss.

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Gospel According to Skid Row: Benefit Concert

Chen Fong Auditorium, Fourth Floor, Centennial Complex, Loma Linda University

April 16, 2011  from 3:00 – 5:00 pm


This benefit concert will be performed by members of Skid Row, Los Angeles. We invite you to come and be a witness to lives touched by the gospel and expressed through gospel music. Enjoy narrations of existential struggles, of hope in the midst of lost and grace at the center of life’s predicament. The funds raised during this concert will be used to support the ministry of LA Central City Community Church in providing care and services to the homeless residing in Skid Row.

Some Facts

“According to this recent study, the number of homeless on any given night in Los Angeles County has reached 90,000, up 8.4 percent from 83,000 in 2003. Ito noted that “the County of Los Angeles is now the homeless capital of the United States,” surpassing by far New York City’s 40,000, Chicago’s 9,600 and San Francisco’s 9,600 homeless populations. “To put it in perspective,” noted Ito, “the homeless population of Los Angeles County is larger than the entire population of the city of Santa Monica [a beach community that abuts Los Angeles]. It is truly an appalling situation.”

The bulk of the LA county homeless—82,291 out of the 90,000—are found in the City of Los Angeles—South Central (which includes Watts, Downtown, Pico Union, Boyle Heights, Hollywood—and in the City of Compton and in some of the smaller cities within the county. The industrial city of Long Beach, to the south (California’s sixth largest), Pasadena and Glendale to the north conduct their own count and provide their own services. They have 6,000, 1,200, and 400 homeless, respectively.

Out of the city’s 82,291 homeless, 34,518 (42 percent) are considered chronically homeless; that is, they have been “on the streets for more a year or more, or have had four episodes of homelessness in the last three years” and “have one or more disabilities, including mental illness, substance abuse and health conditions.” Approximately 55 percent of this population suffers from three or more disabilities.

–Ramón Valle, 17 October 2005, wsws.org

According to official U.S. government statistics issued in November of 2007, more than 1 in 10 people in the United States go hungry. More than 35 million people went hungry in 2006 according to the same report; almost 13 million of them were children and many of the rest were impoverished senior citizens.


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