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Another Snake Dream

This was just one among many short dreams I had last night. I was driving along a very dark and narrow dirt road. There were no street lights in sight at all except an open field. I was not sure where I was heading as well because the road ahead seems very dark. Then out of no were a cobra was right in the middle of the road. Its body was raised and with opened hood staring right at me. It was quite a terrifying sight and out of terror I ran over the snake. Even as I drove over the snake, I could feel its body against the under the carriage of the car moving very powerfully. The fear was that this powerful cobra could break in through the car from underneath. And I woke up and thought to myself that this was unmistakenly archetypal. Over the past couple of months the symbol of the snake has taken on a new meaning for me. I’m reminded of the golden snake the Moses raised as a symbol of healing. Learning to face your greatest fear instead of trying to run over or escape may be the most healing aspect we can achieve. The snake may perhaps be the psyche calling us to pause and take a look at that which we have been avoiding or running away from. The repeated dreams are repeated calling of the psyche for our personal growth.

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