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Archetypes in a Dream

Last night I dreamt I was with a friend who was searching for something. We went to an apartment very late in the evening and he kept intruding into rooms searching for something. I kept trying to restrain him but to no avail. Finally after not being able to discover whatever he was looking for, we left on a type of mechanical transportation. We came to a junction and he noticed a very old home made from old zinc. He decided to search in this home but before we could enter, a very elderly lady who looked ancient came. We exchanged a few words. She went back inside her house and came out with a frozen chicken as a gift for us. The chicken looks like it has been in storage for a few decades. She said she just killed the chicken yesterday and offered to us for food. As we left, a team of movie producer approached my friend and asked him to be the lead actor. I was asked to repeat one line in the movie. My role was to kneel on the ground where the line was drawn and I was allowed to cross the line by an inch. And the only line I was to repeat was “I keep doing and repeating.” I was having a very hard time remembering this line.

I pondered the meaning of this dream and wonder if it has been this quest to pursue something meaningful in my life as represented by the unyielding search and the search has been framed from something very archaic. The pattern that is frozen in time. Things that I keep doing and repeating and not even remember. Perhaps it suggests that I should really explore something new instead of repeating this old pattern over and over again. Perhaps not. If you have thoughts, I would love to hear.

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