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I felt caught in social space that I seem unable to move on. And this dream came to me. I was climbing a waterfall with a group of acquaintance. It was rather steep and hard to reach. But for some reason, we needed to get over this space for our survival. With the strength of the waterfall and the slippery slope, it was most challenging. And all of a sudden I noticed an object at the edge of a rock. I climbed up and noticed that it was a leg of a duck. When I looked up there was a sign that read “Find the most viable way out.” The duck leg was the symbol of going against the obstacle without strategies. Just head on. Hence in the end you have the mean of transport but you do not know where you are heading. The dream seems to suggest the need to look out for a possible and the best exit otherwise life will end up a path with no direction.

And then there was a second dream. A group of us were being attacked by local natives in a strange land. They were firing balls of fire at all of us. We were dodging the arrows. And then a thought came to me to cautiously ask them why they were attacking us. They informed us that they were afraid we were going to take their land. I said to them that I had no intention of taking the land. I turned to my group and asked if any one was interested in taking the land. And all answered in the negative. This was to the satisfaction of the natives and they let us go. Upon reflection, it occur to me that perhaps in life things happen due to a lot of misunderstanding. We attach each other because of our preconceived ideas. But a more important lesson from this dream is that one needs to be intentional about finding the most viable solution. And that solution exists if we were to explore enough enough.

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Dream and Death

I had a very strange dream last night. I do not recall much at all but the emotion was really strong when I woke up. The incident leading was vague I only recalled being in a room. Half my body was resting on a metal table. And a guy was pointing a gun at my head which was tilted toward the table. And I knew he was going to pull the trigger. Initially I was calm and then realizing the impending doom, I screamed at the top of my lung. And then I woke up. Strangely I am currently teaching a course on care for the dying and bereaved where we discussed the meaning of good death. I thought to myself that while I have thought through the meaning and the event of death, my fundamental question is, when the time comes, will I have the courage to face or will I retreat in fear.

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