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I have just completed a course on Spirituality and Mental Health and was not surprise to learn that quite a number of students in my class had been through depression or are still struggling with depression.  The one thing that I enjoy is to take sometime to listen to the narratives and perspectives of people who have to deal with depression.  Perhaps it really helps me to learn and understand myself better.  There is a good friend that I look forward to meeting her whenever we have a chance because it is a time for me to ask questions and find out how she deals with depression.  At the moment there are two aspects of depression that I’m most curious about.  I often wonder how depression affects the one’s career, choice of career, or even just the effort to just go to work.  Does the feeling of being overwhelmed cause a sense of hesitation and thus lead to a certain level of procastination?  The other aspect of depression that I’m very interested to learn more is the impact it has on relationship.  How do people with depression relates?  What goes on in the mind while forming a relationship?  And especially in a marital relationship, in what way does depression espress itself?  If any of you have thoughts or ideas, I would love to hear from you.

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