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Perhaps in the very end we are where we are. Perhaps it is also the hardest place to be when here is being perceived in terms culturally and sociologically marginal, inappropriate, and many other negative attributional adjectives. But where else can one be? In humility it dawns on me that subjective embracement of one’s fallenness is a step necessary to take in the journey that one is on. Like Nouwen has stated, in the final destiny, it is not upward mobility but downward spiral. It is Michael Jackson’s “I’m Bad”  not in an arrogant self-assertion sort of manner but in humble admission of where one is.  At the very same time it is also the willingness to embrace this statement with no apology for who we are. Apologizing is primarily for pain inflicted on others but where one is, there one is. I often thought that life should be a source of blessing to those around me. I now learn that it remains only a wish and that in reality we can be only to some. I do so hope that some is good enough. I hope God will be kind and people, forgiving because in the end where I am, there I am.

This journey is a reminder of Christina Aguilera’s Reflection only a more humbler version.


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I woke up to the tune of Proud Mary performed by Helmut Lotti.  For a very long time Creedence ClearWater Revival has been one of my favorite bands and their music very rejuvenating to the soul.  I particularly like rhythmic interpretations by Tina Turner and Helmut Lotti. The tune resonates with the soul rhythm and the lyrics invoking a sense of mystery for my wondering that’s both meaningful and illusive. I have read a number of interpretations of what this song means and all we do is trying to figure out what John Fogerty was trying to communicate. There are lines that I find intriguing

Left a good job in the city

Working for the man every night and day

and I never lost one minute of sleeping

Worrying bout the way things might have been

So what is it about Mary Elizabeth (Proud Mary) that makes it possible for a hard working person to be able to say “I never lost one minute of sleeping worrying about the way things might have been.” There must be something almost magical to the everyday life that makes this a possibility.

But I never saw the good side of the city

Til I hitched a ride on a river boat queen

It seems from the perspective of the river boat, even in the midst of hard work cleaning plates and pumping pain, the good side of the city appears.

If you come down to the river

Bet you gonna find some people who live

You don’t have to worry ’cause you have no money

People on the river are happy to give

The river casts a certain spell on its people making life easy to wonder through even through difficulties. It is easier wondering through life because people of the water know the meaning of sharing. You are not judged in order to belong. You just belong. The river possesses such quality. The fluidity of the water speaks of accommodation and adaptability. And in the place where flow takes place, belonging becomes a possibility.

I have never been to Memphis nor ride on Mary Elizabeth. But I have been on Star Ferry and Chao Praya Speed Boat and I know the feeling of the wording of the song Proud Mary because I experienced fluidity by the people on the river boats.

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This is awesome as it challenges our understanding of what education is all about. It seems that ultimately life is about living and things pertaining to living. And living deals with the every day thing of sustenance. However we have transformed this world through global economy into a world of dependency that takes advantages of our earth and all the resources in order to feed a reality that we build for ourselves. Local economy through local resources seems an option that we have not quite explored enough. This TED talk on an innovative form of education is something to ponder.

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Tribal Villages, Doi Pui, and Doi Suthep


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There’s so much talk about slavery these days. The NGOs, the GOs, the young and the old. The State Department, the Governments, the people who hate seeing enslavement. The number in millions were cited to enragement. At times the slave identification was not apart of the awareness of their designation because this slavery extends beyond the reach of our souls’ capacity of recognition. Creating a world, we entrap ourselves without knowing. We create slaves before there are slaves. And we become one in the world of our creation. We blame pimps and traffickers and not the man in the mirror. The wisdom for the future is the reflection in the mirror. It is demythologization of values for the sake of the next generation. The world is not a-given. It is created. And if our creation enslaves, so for the sake of our younger generations, we are tasked to its re-creation.

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มี  ถึงแม้จะไม่มา

พา  ถึงแม้จะไม่ไป

ไกล  ถึงแม้จะไม่ห่าง

ทาง  ถึงแม้จะไม่พบ

คบ  ถึงแม้จะไม่เห็น

เข้น  ถึงแม้จะไม่ขยับ

จับ  ถึงแม้จำต้องปล่อย

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