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There are times in life where nothing seems to be going the way you want it to go. Life takes its own path. And the journey is beyond your control.  The path we wish to take seems like the one we consider the most beneficial and appropriate.  But it seems to me that in every path we wish to take lies the imprint of our metaphysics that both consciously and unconsciously governs our lives. It is well integrated in our functional reality.  And in the process of divine redemption, God breaks into this reality modifying, altering, challenging, and deconstructing. Often, it is such a painful process.  I like to think that God does not leave us there to be all alone either.  Although it may feel that way.  In a strange way, through strange encounters, via some random and recurring events the unfolding meaning of grace enters my life like never before. Like a voice from a far saying, things happen for a reason. And the recurring moments of grace slowly transform this metaphysics, this functional reality and the stars shine brighter.  Miracles sometimes happen through people.  And I encountered this Divine moment.

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