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Once there were five friends who were so fond of each other that they form themselves into their own fan club. There were skinny Jim and heavy John and ivory dark James and short Jeff and LGBT Joe.

They loved Jim because he was so skinny he could get into narrow spaces that non others could. And John was so big and heavy that others kids would not mess around with him.  And James would always win hide and seek because they could never find him in the dark. And Jeff could always get into amusement parks with discounts because he was so short. And Joe would pamper them with his androgynous skills cooking and knitting.

And they were a very happy gang. They laughed together and they played together and they supported each other and they cared for one another.

One day, Josh, an expert at drawing lines and circles, at defining social hierarchy, and at deciding categories turned up announcing his ability and intention. He started drawing lines and circles. He drew a body-type circle, and color circle, and appropriate height circle, and gender circle. And by the time all the circles were drawn, only Josh was in the circles.

And Jim was trying hard to put on weight even when eating was not his thing and now he could not get into narrow spaces. And John was trying to loose weight even though he loved to eat and he became weak and unhappy and other kids started bullying him and his gang. And James bought himself bottles and bottles of Clorox and started bleaching himself. And his skin was neither white nor black. There were patches of blacks and white and he looked more like a zebra. And Jeff was getting all kinds of surgeries and special hormones to make himself taller. And he was not any much taller but now he just could not walk properly. And Joe was pumping himself with testosterone and he no longer cooked and cleaned for his colleagues and he started getting irritated and violent. And he started beating his friends for not picking up after themselves.

And every one was angry, and unhappy, and irritated, and they could no longer get along.

Then one day, Jill, a skill eraser appeared. And she did what she knew best. She erased lines and circles. And Jim stopped eating and John started eating and James stopped bleaching (and now plays hide and seek among zebra) and Jeff is now short and limping and Joe de-testosteroned himself. And Josh said where are my circles? And Jill replied, what circles? And Josh responded, this is a jungle. And they all lived happily ever after.

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