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A number of years ago I went with my colleagues (Adventist Development and Relief Agency) to a small remote Hmong village in Tak Province to build toilets and provide medial care for the villagers.  Before we returned a villager brought his 6 year old son and asked if we could take him to Wat Sa Keow in Ang Thong, central Thailand.  I did not know anything about Wat Sa Keow at the time.  A couple of Hmong kids jumped into the back of the pickup truck.  The little boy was all by himself.  I noticed how sad it was for him to leave his family.  His parent informed me that this was his only chance for education.  If he were to stay back, it would be much harder for him to obtain his education.  We left the village and about 6 hours later we arrived at Wat Sa Keow.  I got down from the car.  A few Hmong kids that came with us ran to meet their friends since there were here before.  This little boy did not know any one.  He was all alone by himself in this orphanage with thousands of kids.  I watched him walked by himself with a few tear drops in his eyes toward the main building with a little bag in his hand.  It was hard to explain the emotion, but I was deeply moved with grief for this little boy.  I just came across a reference to Wat Sa Keow again not too long ago and thought, it will be nice to visit and do some volunteer work at this place during my next visit to Thailand.


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