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I’m looking at putting together materials on snake dreams and would like to request those who recall dreams of snakes to share their dreams on this blog.  You can click response/comment and share your dreams and also your interpretation as well if you have one or feelings that these dreams evoked in you.  If you have other interesting dreams other than seeing snakes, I would appreciate that as well.  Not that I know how to interpret them but I’m curious to see if there’s any significant pattern when people dreams of snakes.  I would also like to know what snakes often represent to you or what feeling snakes evoke in you.  Thank you very much for considering sharing your dreams.

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Almost every day I get inquiries coming through search engines to my blog pertaining to snakes in dreams.  And often more than once.  There are red snakes, white snakes, black snakes, brown snakes. There are snaking biting, kissing, wrapping around.  There are snake striking and snakes hissing and snakes standing upright and on and on and on. The hits on post dealing with snakes often rank number one of all the searches.  I wonder what this means in the collective unconscious of our society.  Snakes to me often symbolize some form of fear or anxiety.  If fear, it has a specific object. If anxiety, it is a state of being, a general state of un-safe-ness within one’s life or one’s community and society.  Snakes also symbolize transformation. It informs us of what we need to face and how facing this fear can lead to a significant transformation in one’s life.  So as an archetype, its function is transformative if we listen carefully to this dream.  It may not always mean that one should solve the issue, but it may perhaps mean that one is able to look at the issue and not fear and in this ability to experience no-fear comes transformative experiences.

I wonder too if we are living in a society that generates fear.  A society where a person is not able to find a home for his/her soul.  A society that demands but does not embrace.  A society builds on performance.  And when one is not able to find a home, the being becomes anxious. And within the general anxiety of being or specific fear comes snakes appearing in dreams to tell us withstand this fear, face the snakes even till death because then its poison no longer has power over oneself.

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